Holiday Baked Goods

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Holiday Baked GoodsPotluck in the Park welcomes donations of homemade or commercial non-perishable pies and cakes for our Christmas Day Dinner and cookies and pastries for our Sidewalk Coffee & Pastry Cafe out front. You can bake yourself or purchase, or maybe ask your local coffee shop or bakery for a donation of their Christmas Eve leftovers.

We also need No-Sugar, Low Sugar and Gluten Free desserts and fresh bananas for our diabetic and “dentally challenged” guests.

If you can help, please confirm via email to We aren’t able to do this signup through the Hands On process. If you are bringing pies or cakes, please indicate how many.

IMPORTANT DELIVERY INFO! In order to reduce confusion on Christmas Day we ask that all baked goods be delivered the day before, on Monday, the 24th between 10am and 5pm when we will be setting up and decorating. Please bring them directly to the Art Museum.

If necessary, arrangements can be made to take delivery at our kitchen earlier in the week. Please email us first.