Home prepared foods can only be accepted from volunteers who have obtained a Food Handler Card. Obtaining a card is relatively quick and easy and can be done online or in person.  For more information, please visit Multnomah County’s web site at https://foodhandlercard.multco.us/ or the Oregon DHS link to Other Counties.

If the food is prepared by a group of people at the same location, only the person supervising the food preparation will be required to obtain a certificate.  A Food Handler Card is valid for three years. Volunteers who prepare food at home will be required to provide proof of Food Handler Card to Potluck before their food can be accepted.

With the assistance of the State’s Foodborne Illness Prevention Program, a “Volunteer Checklist” has been created outlining pertinent food sanitation rules.  In addition to obtaining a Food Handler Card, volunteers will be required to review a Volunteer Check List and sign a statement that they agree to follow the rules (see link below).

Volunteers will also be required to check in each time they volunteer at Potluck and complete the Home Prepared Foods log. The Home Prepared Foods Log must be completed each time the volunteer donates home prepared food and must be maintained in Potluck’s records. (The check list and signed statement need only be provided once).

Benevolent Meal Site Information Guide

Volunteer Food Handler Check List and Statement