Welcome Volunteers!

pipPotluck in the Park is an all volunteer organization that has served a free hot meal to anyone in need since 1991. Most importantly, each volunteer strives to treat everyone at the meal with dignity, respect, friendliness and kindness.

Volunteers and guests come from all walks of life, diverse groups who normally would not mix share a community project by serving a meal.  Potluck in the Park is an extraordinary example of what caring citizens can do to enrich and revitalize their city.


Volunteer Signup Form

Potluck in the Park relies entirely on volunteers, each week we have 54 available spots –  50 at the park and 4 in the kitchen. It is very important that you sign-up ahead of time so we can make sure that we have jobs for everyone. If you would like to help,  please follow this link and sign up at Hands On Greater Portland.

Sunday Meal-Volunteer Now!  
For more information and to sign up to volunteer for our annual Christmas Dinner, please visit “ANNUAL CHRISTMAS DINNER”  page.

Questions?  Contact our Volunteer Coordinator:
Norm Rice | Email

  • Wear comfortable, casual clothes in layers—we clean up outside, even in bad weather!
  • Provide time to park – street parking is available but fills up quickly, so please provide ample time to find a parking spot and walk to the park
  • You won’t need a food handler’s card to serve food, but we do follow restaurant rules: Please tie back long hair; If you aren’t feeling well, please tell the sign-in person and plan to do a different job.
Please plan to arrive at the Volunteer sign-in table at/by 2pm and stay until 6pm, to help with takedown and cleanup. Thank you!

Signing In

“Upstairs” in the Square, Sign-in is on the 9th Avenue side, about halfway up the block.
“Downstairs” in the Garage, Sign-in is on the right as you enter, just past the first pillar.

At Sign-in Volunteers receive name tags color-coded to match their area assignments.
Download a sample of the assignment worksheet (pdf)

Red Area
is main meal service, including hot foods, salads, cut fruit, yogurt, and snacks.

Blue Area
serves sliced and buttered bread and desserts. Whole fruit and loaves of bread, for Guests to take home, are also offered here. As there are no hot trays handled in this area, it’s a good place for young teens and children to start at Potluck.

Gold Areas are miscellaneous support stations.
• Church Groups serve Beverages every Sunday. Potluck Volunteers help.
Pet Food is distributed weekly.
Recycle & Cleanup Volunteers work throughout the meal and afterward.

We try to keep Groups together; if we can’t do this, please understand the need to have all areas covered. One of our Supervisors may need to re-assign you later; please be prepared to be flexible.

Volunteer Contact:
Norm Rice | Email


Carpool if possible: If we serve upstairs you’re welcome to park FREE in the Smart Park Garage underneath the Square (entrance on Stark Street). If we serve in the Garage there is metered parking on the street.


  • Blue Line or Red Line: The closest stops are the westbound “Galleria” stop at 10th & Morrison, and the eastbound “Library” stop at 10th & Yamhill.
  • Green Line or Yellow Line: Exit at “5th & Oak” stop. Walk one block south to Stark and 3 blocks west.


  • Line 20 stops at 10th & Burnside both eastbound and westbound, near the entrance to Powell’s Books.
  • Westbound Line 15 and westbound Line 51 both stop at O’Bryant Square on the corner of 9th & Washington.
  • Transit Mall stops for other buses are 2 and 3 blocks away on 5th & 6th.


SW Washington St & SW Park Ave, Portland, OR 97205