What To Expect

Please plan to arrive at the Volunteer sign-in table at/by 2pm and stay until 6pm, to help with takedown and cleanup. Thank you!

Signing In

“Upstairs” in the Square, Sign-in is on the 9th Avenue side, about halfway up the block.
“Downstairs” in the Garage, Sign-in is on the right as you enter, just past the first pillar.

At Sign-in Volunteers receive name tags color-coded to match their area assignments.
Download a sample of the assignment worksheet (pdf)

Red Area
is main meal service, including hot foods, salads, cut fruit, yogurt, and snacks.

Blue Area
serves sliced and buttered bread and desserts. Whole fruit and loaves of bread, for Guests to take home, are also offered here. As there are no hot trays handled in this area, it’s a good place for young teens and children to start at Potluck.

Gold Areas are miscellaneous support stations.
• Church Groups serve Beverages every Sunday. Potluck Volunteers help.
Pet Food is distributed weekly.
Recycle & Cleanup Volunteers work throughout the meal and afterward.

We try to keep Groups together; if we can’t do this, please understand the need to have all areas covered. One of our Supervisors may need to re-assign you later; please be prepared to be flexible.

Volunteer Contact:
Mary Hunger | Email